WESLACO, TX : Police have identified the victim of a fatal accident on April, Thursday 20th 2017

20 April 2017

Police have identified the victim of a fatal accident on Thursday as the mother of an 11-year-old boy who was also struck in the collision.

Bernie Garza, spokesman for the Weslaco Police Department, confirmed that Mid-Valley resident Priscilla Ann Jimenez-Trejo, 42, was killed Thursday morning when a vehicle struck the woman and her son while they were standing on the shoulder of Expressway 83 in Weslaco.

According to Garza, Jimenez-Trejo was initially involved in a minor accident with two other vehicles at about 7:25 a.m. The second and fatal collision occurred when a fourth vehicle veered right and struck one of the three cars involved in the first accident, creating what Garza called a chain-reaction that resulted in Jimenez-Trejo’s death and her son being pinned between two vehicles.

The police spokesman said “an angel was watching over him” as the boy is now in stable condition after sustaining only minor injuries.

Garza said authorities are still investigating the circumstances of the crash and how the fourth vehicle veered toward the shoulder. He did confirm that the occupants of the three vehicles involved in the first accident pulled over and exited their cars to call police.

“As they’re calling to make that report, a fourth vehicle causes a second crash,” Garza said. “The message that we’re trying to put out to the community is that most people panic and think they can’t move the cars (if involved in an accident) unless the police get there, and that’s true unless it’s going to be endangering you and others. If you could get hurt, move to a safer location — and the cars could have been driven someplace safe — and then call the police.”

The occupants of the other vehicles involved in both accidents were also transported to local hospitals. Whether they suffered any injuries remained unclear as of late Thursday afternoon.

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Mid-Valley mom struck, killed in Expressway crash


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